Activity Week In Lappish Nature

also for city dwellers

Spend a different summer holiday near Levi filled with mainly nature minded activities. Full board at our wilderness hut. Watching wildlife right from your window or on the way to the outdoor toilet? Heating sauna with wood to get a proper wash. Getting tired from the amount of oxygen. Getting up according to the sun and not your watch. How long can YOU be without electricity supply?

  • LENGTH OF PROGRAMME: 1 week (6 days, 7 nights); or according to agreement
  • AVAILABILITY: June (2nd and 3rd week are best) and September(1st and 2nd week are best)
  • SIZE OF GROUP: 2-4 persons
  • PRICE: 1200 € /person (if 4 participants), 1400 €/ person (if 2 participants)

Transportation from Kittilä airport, activity equipment, meals, accommodation outside touristic areas (closest people 1.5 km away), sauna, services of the guide for every day are all included in the price. You choose what experience you want, just let us know your interests and physical shape. 

Programme Options you can choose from:

  • Fishing on Wolf and Wolverine Lakes
  • Autumn torch fishing on Wolverine Lake
  • Amazing bog hike
  • Cycling around Kumputunturi fell
  • ATV (quad bike) try out
  • Sauna nights
  • Visiting reindeer round up fences
  • Hike to Kumputunturi fell and searching for reindeer with help of their GPS
  • Trip to Sodankylä village and visiting a nature trail
  • Visiting Levi village and/or Samiland museum
  • Trip to Inari village and Siida museum
  • Picking all different kind of berries and enjoying pies and jams in September
  • Searching for elk (moose) with a local expert in September
  • Many other hiking options if you wish

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Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee is 18 euros. 
  • Cancellation more than 30 days prior the tour 100% refund –cancellation fee. 
  • Cancellation more than 15 days prior the tour 50% refund –cancellation fee.
  • Less than 15 days prior the tour, no refund possible. Consider taking travel insurance in case of sudden illness or similar. 


Come prepared for winter conditions with warm winter boots that have enough space for your socks, woolen socks (possibly knitted), mittens (not finger gloves, please) and warm under layers that should be preferably wool, fleece or similar. Try to avoid cotton as it retains moist and makes you feel cold. The outer layer should be weather proof.
Do not forget to bring a hat.

Gear rental

If coming for example from warm regions and do not wish to invest money into equipment you will never use afterwards, there are places where you can rent such gear (excluding thermal underlayers), one of them being snowmobile rentals in the center of Levi or at Kittilä airport.

Meeting point

The meeting point during the snowy period is our winter starting place at Kätkäjärvi (address: Kätkäjärventie 407, Sirkka). If navigating yourselves, use google maps (not garmin or iphone). You can get there by taxi or your car from Levi center, it will take approximately 15 minutes. Try to come some 5-10 minutes before the tour starts at most. There is no waiting room as we are in the middle of nowhere, so come with proper winter gear on. It is a private road so make sure to book before coming. 

Cultural hikes to Kumputunturi fell, looking for reindeer and visiting a reindeer corral

TYPE OF PROGRAMME: We will spend the day getting to know the life of the reindeer. We will first visit an old round up corral with reindeer herders` hut. Then we will drive to the root of the fell and make a climb to the top or only to the hut just above the tree line. We can grill sausages or reindeer ribs or taste elk burger while admiring the views. On the way we will see different types of forest, perhaps some birds and droppings of other animals too. If lucky we might possibly see a reindeer herd with some of our reindeer. You can take part from June till September.

  • LENGTH OF PROGRAMME: 6-8 hours, often closer to 8 hours
  • PRICE: 110€ adults, 70€ children (the hike is too demanding for children under 10)
    Transportation from and to Levi (110km) is included in the price.
  • SIZE OF GROUP: 2-8 persons
  • NOTE: Dress according to the weather, do not underestimate the wind.

Bog hikes for nature lovers

Did you know what Finns call their own country in Finnish? “Suomi”, i.e. my bog, my wetland. This is your chance to experience some of the most beautiful views and interesting fragrances on foot with a guide in very unique environment. Those who have tried have never regretted although people might need to step out of their comfort zone slightly. Quite refreshing for hikers who have never done this before. Rubber boots are a must for the trip as there are no duckboards and the route runs through mainly private land which is especially rich in water birds. We will learn how to walk in the bog and later have a break at our hunting hut which is literally in the middle of nowhere. The trip will last more than half a day, but who would rush back from such a retreat place. The trip will look short on the map, but will feel like 10 km because we have to select the route carefully. Other shorter, less demanding trips are also possible. You can admire the beauty of the wilderness from June to September.
If you wish, you can combine this trip with a fishing afternoon at our private lake or with a sauna evening in the wild. Ask for more details.

  • DURATION: approximately 5-6 hours
  • SIZE OF GROUP: 2-8 person
  • AVAILABILITY: June – September
  • PRICE: 95 € adults, 60 € children (the longer hike is not suitable for children as their legs might be too short). Transportation from and to Levi is included in the price.

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