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How appealing can this place look without snow? Can you imagine? Check for yourself in the video. Welcoming guests also outside the peak season will allow us and our employees to lead a more balanced life. We are at the start of a revolutionary project for us- virtual tourism. Building an interactive digital eco-tour is something where you can help us with your insight. Who knows better what customers love than you, our visitors? Send us a line with “mind pool” in the subject if interested.


We are a small enterprise and majority of the tours is organized in privately owned forests and bogs which allows us to keep the nature the way we would like you to experience it. For instance, the reindeer ride runs through snowy old mixed forest where animal tracks reveal that not only blue hare, fox or elk live in the area, but also willow grouse, capercaillies and pine marten occasionally stop by. Obviously, it is fairly rare to see the animals themselves from your sleigh, but not impossible. So keep your mouth shut, your eyes wide open and enjoy!


Our winter guests are eventually brought to Wolf Lake area, the heart of everything, but still so much in the middle of nowhere. There is no electricity, no running water. Therefore, bring spare batteries for your phones and cameras (and keep them warm close to your body) and put proper winter gear on before coming. We will take good care of you, but proper warm winter footwear, woolen knitted socks, woolen underlayers, mittens and hats are key to enjoying your day to the fullest.


We are fairly old-fashioned, bit slow at times and perhaps also rustic, but the time has come even for us to enter the new century, yes, almost 20 years late. You can now book your experience in our webshop. If the particular tour is not listed in the shop for the time span you are available, send an email or query, please.


Contact us

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd.
(i.e. Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy )
[email protected]

Phone number

Petra +358 468 101 400
(in English, Russian, Finnish and Czech)

Kari 0400 225 242 (in Finnish only)

Address of the location

Kätkäjärventie 407
99130 Sirkka, Finland

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