Welcome to Wolverine Lake

Your hosts—the forest, the lake, the animals big and small, the plants—now frozen and suspended in time, and the ancestors of this place, our ancestors, our mothers and fathers and, of course, those yet to come—we all extend a warm welcome to you and your loved ones. Your efforts to arrive here are much appreciated and we promise to take good care of you.
Kätkäjärvi or Kätkä-järvi; the first part of the word translates from Sami language as ‘wolverine’. The second part as lake, so together, we have Wolverine Lake. Wolverines are predators which, unlike bears, do not hibernate—instead they feed themselves through the lean winter months by scavenging frozen carcasses or by hunting prey, such as reindeer. It has very strong jaws, is related to pine marten and is the size of a small bear or a big dog. Being a predator it is shy and elusive and, unless you are extremely lucky, you are therefore unlikely to have a chance to capture it on film. The wolverine is a ghost—a presence sensed, yet never fully glimpsed! I wonder, what other secrets does the forest hold? What will you discover? How will the forest reveal itself to you? Walk and listen carefully and you’ll be wonderfully surprised at the implausible life found shimmering in and through the frost and fire.
Practically speaking, please leave your car at the parking place in a way that it does not get stuck in the snow, put all your winter gear on and wait to be met by the guide. If you came by taxi, we will arrange one for you on the way back when the time comes.

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